The Cost of Living in Cyprus as a Permanent Resident

the cost of living in cyprus as a permanent resident

Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea known for its sunny and warm weather and amazing beaches and historical landmarks because of its long history. The island is a popular tourist destination but also home to many foreigners along with all the friendly locals. If you are interested in obtaining permanent residency in Cyprus, then here you can learn more information about the cost of living in Cyprus as a permanent resident.

The cost of living in Cyprus is very moderate compared to other European countries while also depending on which city and area of Cyprus you choose to live in. Central areas of Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos can be quite expensive compared to other areas of Cyprus where the cost of living is not as expensive.

Housing and rent are the biggest expense when living in Cyprus. The average one-bedroom apartment can range up to 800 euros per month. The more central the location, the higher the rent. Moreover, utilities including electricity, water and gas can have an average cost of 200 euros per month.

There are a few options for transportation in Cyprus. Busses are a very affordable way to get easily to different locations while taxis are also an option while less common for everyday use. Usually, it is easier for a permanent resident to have their own car and very popular options have become many car leasing. It is also very interesting to mention that because of how small the island is, usually, all essential shops, entertainment, pharmacies and even schools, are within walking distance.

Depending on where you choose to eat and your eating habits and tastes, the prices for drinks and foods can vary. Fast food restaurants can cost up to 10 euros while restaurants can cost between 15 and 25 euros per person. On the other hand, groceries can cost up to 50 euros per week per person on average.

Overall, the cost of living in Cyprus is moderate compared to other European countries. Again, it is essential to mention that the cost of living can differ depending on the area and city of Cyprus. If you are considering moving to Cyprus, then it’s important to research the best and most affordable options closest to your needs. Make sure to check out Permanent Residency in Cyprus and learn more information about our services.