Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Cyprus Permanent Residency

reasons you should apply for a cyprus permanent residency

Cyprus is a small Mediterranean island and it is a member of the EU. The main language of Cyprus is Greek – however, English is widely spoken. Cyprus is known for its amazing landscapes and natural beauty. The island is a common destination for those seeking permanent residency for a series of reasons. So, here are some reasons why you should apply for a Cyprus Permanent Residency.

  • Cost of Living

Cyprus has a low cost of living compared to other EU countries.

  • Natural Beauty

It is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by beautiful beaches and mountains.

  • Strong Economy

The island of Cyprus has a strong economy with sectors such as real estate and tourism.

  • Easy Access to the EU

Cyprus is a member of the EU, meaning that residents of the island can travel, work, and study within the EU.

  • Great Location

Cyprus is in a perfect geographical spot, between the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. The island is close to other countries in the Middle East and Africa, making it an ideal location for whoever wants to explore the world.

  • Well-developed Education System

The island of Cyprus offers a very well-developed education system with a variety of universities and undergraduate/postgraduate programs for prospective students. You can have a look at all programs available at Cyprus Universities.

Cyprus is a beautiful island and is an ideal location for those who are seeking permanent residency. Learn more about the Cyprus Permanent Residency Program and get in contact for more.