What is Cyprus Permanent Residency, and how can I obtain it?

Cyprus Permanent Residency is a program that allows non-EU nationals to permanently reside in Cyprus through real estate investment. It’s an efficient way to settle in Europe without frequent travel.

What are the benefits of obtaining a Permanent Residency in Cyprus?

Obtaining Permanent Residency in Cyprus grants you the freedom to live, work, and travel throughout Europe without visa requirements. Additionally, it provides access to quality healthcare services at reduced rates within Cyprus.

Is Cyprus Permanent Residency renewable, or is it a one-time process?

Cyprus Permanent Residency does not require renewal. Once obtained, it is valid indefinitely.

Can I choose any property for the Cyprus Permanent Residency Program?

Yes, you can select a property that suits your needs and preferences. We offer guidance to ensure you make the right investment.

What services do you provide to assist with the Cyprus Permanent Residency application?

We offer comprehensive services, including property search, document submission, and assistance throughout the entire process.

How often do I need to visit Cyprus if I hold a Permanent Residency?

While you don’t have to live in Cyprus, you must visit the island once every two years to maintain your Permanent Residency status.

What documents are required for the Permanent Residency in Cyprus application?

The required documents may include proof of investment, a clean criminal record, and a valid passport. We assist you in preparing and submitting these documents.

How long does it typically take to process a Cyprus Permanent Residency application?

The processing and review of applications usually take around 2 months, but the timeline may vary based on application volume.

Are there any fees associated with the Cyprus Permanent Residency application?

Yes, there is a €500 application fee, along with an additional €70 for each individual included in the application.

Can I apply for Cyprus Permanent Residency if I'm from a non-European country?

Yes, the Cyprus Permanent Residency Program is open to non-EU nationals from around the world.

Do I need to provide proof of annual income for the Permanent Residency in Cyprus application?

Yes, you must prove your annual income through a tax return from your country of tax residence.

Can I work in Cyprus with a Permanent Residency Permit?

Yes, you can work anywhere in Cyprus with your Permanent Residency Permit without the need for additional work permits.

Is Cyprus Permanent Residency a pathway to Cyprus citizenship?

No, Cyprus Permanent Residency does not lead to citizenship. It provides permanent residency rights but not citizenship rights.