cyprus property

Advantages of buying property in Cyprus

The thriving Mediterranean island of Cyprus provides easy access to three major continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. Its idyllic location has aided and assisted business transactions since the island became an official member of the EU in 2004. Cyprus is the third largest island within the Mediterranean and has a population of approximately 850,000 citizens. […]

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cyprus passport

Revised criteria for granting Cypriot citizenship by exception

The Ministry of Interior in Cyprus has announced alterations made to the criteria needed to grant Cypriot Citizenship to Non-Europeans. The changes have been made so as to increase and further promote foreign investments within the Republic of Cyprus. Revised criteria for granting Cypriot citizenship by exception for large collective investments These adjustments regard the […]

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Minister of Finance Cyprus

Temporary Decree Concerning Restrictive Measures

The Minister of Finance Imposes a Temporary Decree Concerning Restrictive Measures On the 2nd of June 2014, two new restrictions were issued concerning the banks of Cyprus. The 30th Decree concerning the restrictions on Banks in Cyprus is valid for three months-91 days-starting from the 2nd of June. Generally speaking the 30th Decree eliminated the […]

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Standard Poors

Upgrade in the Economy and Banks of Cyprus

On the 25th of April 2004, Standard and Poor credit agency, increased the ratings of Cyprus from ‘B-‘ to ‘B.’ The credit agency explained Cyprus was meeting the terms placed by its foreign leaders and the country’s debt repayments will be paid. It is the second time the credit agency has upgraded the economy of […]

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