Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit

The requirements for visa differ according to the nationality of each foreigner. Citizens of the European Union, pass the passport control without receiving an Entry Stamp on their passport once they have arrived in the Republic of Cyprus. Non-European citizens are mandated to obtain an entry visa before arriving in Cyprus. They are issued an entry visa at the Embassy of Cyprus in their country. All Non-European citizens receive the Official Entry Stamp on their passport when they arrive in Cyprus.


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Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit Categories
The majority Entry Visas / Cyprus Temporary Residence Permits, are granted for one to four weeks. The Entry Visa can be extended if the Non-European citizen wishes to. The applicants that wish to expand the duration of their stay in Cyprus are required to submit the necessary documents to the District Aliens and Immigration Office.


A Non-European citizen may apply for a Temporary Visa to take a holiday, to possibly reside in Cyprus temporarily or permanently. In order to be granted a Residence Permit, the applicant must purchase property in Cyprus and prove they have at their disposal a secure annual income.
Student Permits are granted to Non-European students for attending a secondary or primary educational institute in the Republic of Cyprus. The educational institute that the student is attending presents the applications
This refers to any Non-European individual that temporary or permanently resides in Cyprus or has been granted a Work Permit. They may want their family members to reside with them and need to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit for them. The applicant should submit their Work or Residence Permit accompanied with a certified letter from the bank to the District Aliens and Immigration Office.
The short-stay or travel Visa enables Non-European citizens to stay or visit the Republic of Cyprus for a period of three months, starting from the date the individual first entered Cyprus. Applicants may either visit the country once or multiple times and is granted for reasons other than immigration.
The Long-Stay Visa concerns Non-European citizens who plan to reside in the Republic of Cyprus for a period of more than three months. These individuals need to apply for a Cyprus Residence Visa, Cyprus Work Visa or Cyprus Student Visa according to their situation and reason for residing in Cyprus on a long-term basis.