Cyprus Passport and Immigration Permit Benefits

The republic of Cyprus grants Non-European citizens with EU passport and Permanent Residence Permit on the condition the applicant suits the criteria requested as analysed below.

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Benefits of EU passport

cyprus passport
A Non-European citizen has the opportunity to apply for and be granted a Cypriot and therefore an EU passport or otherwise citizenship without needing to be granted a Permanent Residence Visa if they purchase real estate properties.

A Cypriot Passport / Citizenship offers several benefits to the applicants once acquired. Primarily, as EU citizens, their family will also be recognized as EU citizens. Further, they will have the right to reside, work, invest and purchase property wherever they wish within the Europe. Finally, as EU citizens they have the advantages and privileges attained by any EU citizen, for instance they are eligible to vote in European elections, and the right to health and education privileges that EU citizens benefit from.

Cyprus Permanent Visa

Cyprus Permanent Visa
According to the Alien and Immigration Regulation of 1997, a foreign citizen may apply and acquire an Immigration Permit in the Republic of Cyprus on the basis that the foreigner fulfils the requirements of one of the six categories as referred to under the Regulation 5. The Cyprus Permanent Visa is granted to Non-European citizens who either intend on working or not working in the Republic of Cyprus. Each category has different requirements that need to be maintained.


The benefits the Cyprus Permanent Permit offer Non-European citizens are multiple. Firstly, when granted, the permit also includes the applicants spouse and children for the remainder of their lives. Also, residing in Cyprus means that they will enjoy all the benefits attributed to the Republic of Cyprus, meaning education, health and safe environments.

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