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Advantages of buying property in Cyprus

The thriving Mediterranean island of Cyprus provides easy access to three major continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. Its idyllic location has aided and assisted business transactions since the island became an official member of the EU in 2004.

Cyprus is the third largest island within the Mediterranean and has a population of approximately 850,000 citizens. Since the island obtained its independence from the British in 1960, it has continuously developed and progressed in terms of its economy and infrastructure, while simultaneously has maintained its cultural identity, traditions and customs. Evidence of the Cypriot cultural heritage is found through the island, in its architecture, archaeological sites, ancient monuments, temples and churches. The Cypriot people, although educated professionals, are extremely proud of their rich culture and are famed as being hospitable and welcoming people.

Why buy property in Cyprus

Cyprus is renowned for being a unique utopia, so obviously it is a superb place to live. In Cyprus you will encounter breathtaking natural scenery and landscapes, quaint villages, picturesque towns and busy cities. The northern mountains, Troodos region, are famed for its rich vegetation, pine trees and vineyards. The southern part of the island is dotted with picturesque coastal towns and villages but also busy business centres. In Cyprus you are offered a combination of landscapes and change of sceneries, so according to what you are seeking you have the chance to purchase the right property in the right location.

The principle reason people choose to settle in Cyprus is the all year round sunny weather which can be enjoyed by the islands sandy shoreline. The major cities of the island, which are Nicosia, Larnaca, Paphos and Limassol are all characterised as charismatic, cultural and wonderfully quaint. Each location is equally fabulous for its own reasons, such as architecture, bays, vivid culture and landscape. Whether you opt to purchase property by the mountains, buzzing city hubs or coastlines, Cyprus is surely one of the most impressive and beautiful countries in the world!

Cyprus is also well-known as being the idyllic country to raise a family due to its low criminality rate. Cyprus is one of the few remaining countries where you can leave your front door open, where children play freely in the garden and roads and walk to school on their own. Further, the island’s education level is extremely high. Both private and public schools are highly rated and advanced in Cyprus, where the future generation are fully trained and equipped with the necessary education and tools to succeed in the future.

Cyprus has also progressed tremendously in terms of industry, health, education, banking and technology. The locals have developed in all sectors yet have succeeded in maintaining their simplicity and traditional nature.

Further, in practice, Cyprus is considered as the best country to purchase property because of the great benefits offered to buyers. First of all, Cyprus offers excellent return on investment. Secondly, when purchasing a property the buyer, company or corporate obtains tax benefits. Also, the Land Registry Office in Cyprus offers property holders security of Title deeds. Finally, the Republic of Cyprus grants Non-European citizens EU passport or Permanent Residency Permits with the acquisition of property. Finally and most importantly, property prices in Cyprus are incredibly low.

MN and Associates team of experienced professionals are at your disposal to assist you in the purchase of property in Cyprus.

The islands natural beauty, no matter where you choose to live in combination with the great climate, safety and rapid development are all significant factors that contribute when making the decision to purchase property in Cyprus. Cyprus is viewed as a small paradise and the idyllic country to live a safe and happy life.